Teaching Staff
Name: Dr. Abdul Samad
Educational Qualification: M.A. (Education), B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Designation: Principal
Date of Joining: 1-3-2005
Name: Mrs. Rupanjali Mahanta
Educational Qualification: M.A.(Education), B.Ed., M.Phil.
Designation: Lecturer in Education
Date of Joining: 1-9-1998
Name: Mr. Debashis Bhowmick
Educational Qualification: M.A.(English), M.Ed.
Designation: Lecturer in English
Date of Joining: 1-9-2009
Name: Mrs. Krishna Devi Bonia
Educational Qualification: M.A. (Geography), M.Ed.
Designation: Lecturer in Social Science
Date of Joining: 1-10-2010
Name: Snehamanjuri Mazumdar
Educational Qualification: M.A. (History), M.Ed.
Designation: Lecturer in History
Date of Joining:1-10-2010
Name:Mrs. Lakhima Das
Educational Qualification:M.A (Philosophy), M.Ed, PGDCA
Designation: Lecturer in ICT
Date of Joining: 3-2-2014
Name: Mrs. Minakshi Patgiri
Educational Qualification: M.Sc. (Mathematics), M.Ed.
Designation: Lecturer in Mathematics
Date of Joining: 3-11-2014
Name: Ms. Srutimala Mahanta
Educational Qualification: M.Sc.(Environmental Management) , M.Ed
Designation: Lecturer
Date of Joining: 01-10-2015
Name:Mr. Anjan Roy
Educational Qualification: M.F.A
Designation: Lecturer in Fine Arts
Date of Joining: 01-10-2015
Name:Ms. Bhaswati Barua
Educational Qualification:M.A in Performing Arts
Designation:Lecturer in Music/Dance
Date of Joining:01-10-2015
Name: Mr. Debajit Baruah
Educational Qualification:M.P.Ed
Designation: Lecturer in Physical Education
Date of Joining: 01-10-2015
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